Andrew Crandall

Development, Events, and Communications Associate

[email protected]
Tacoma, WA

Andrew Crandall is the Development, Events, and Communications Associate at Impact Finance Center, assisting with a wide variety of tasks ranging from social outreach to media creation to internal IT systems. He started as a fellow with the purpose of updating the website and was over time hired on full-time. Doing good socially and environmentally has always been a high priority for him and finding a role within Impact Finance Center allowed him to align his work with his values. He holds a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and was awarded the course director award for logo design, web design, and editorial design. His eight years prior service in the US Air Force provided him with a host of skills such as leadership and project management which have contributed to his success post-military life. Andrew’s driving force is making a difference in the world for the better and wishes to devote his work-life efforts to improving the world for the next generation. Outside of work, Andrew is a photographer, storyteller, and freelance graphic designer who loves to travel and experience new things. He has been featured in galleries in Venice, Italy, and Paris, France.