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Greenbiz + Impact Finance Center Climate Equity Learning Circle

After a decade-plus of planting seeds and growing seedlings, Impact Finance Center is starting to harvest. We’re on track to grow 2-4X in 2022 and have three possible sources of annual recurring revenue. Plus, we are planting the seeds to start a new impact independent trust company and foundation, which is the final chapter of the puzzle. As part of this growth, we are announcing our new strategic partnerships such as the one with GreenBiz, which is beginning with launching a small group Learning Circle with 10-14 companies.

Do You Find Yourself Trying to Tackle a $100M or $1B Environmental, Social, or Governance Issue With a Corporate Budget of $5-25M?

Do you feel there must be a better way to steward your corporate dollars to tackle the world’s problems, but are unsure of the next step? Learning about and applying Full Spectrum Capital can help you leverage your resources, solve problems, and make an impact on a greater scale. Whether you’re responsible for making change through corporate social responsibility, venture, supply chain, marketing, corporate treasury, or the corporate foundation we invite you to join our Corporate Community and take the next step in your professional journey.

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How Do We Solve Billion-Dollar Climate Equity Problems With $5-$25M Budgets?

Whether your focus is developing climate solutions or solving worker wealth inequality, this interactive tutorial is designed to invite participants to shift their mindset and develop the sources of financial capital to solve the climate equity solutions of our time. Participants will learn about both Full Spectrum Capital and how you can leverage Full Spectrum Capital by mixing and matching it with other capital within and outside the company. Dr. Steph and Antoinette will provide an overview of Full Spectrum Capital and outline strategies you can implement to partner with your other divisions to increase impact, increase return, and reduce risk to achieve your goals.

The information and strategies from this tutorial can be applied to:

  • Developing financial products to support your suppliers in achieving their sustainability goals
  • Developing financial products to attract and retain your workforce by refinancing debt, increasing wages, and providing wealth-building opportunities via asset ownership
  • Developing a social enterprises strategy
  • Developing a Full Spectrum Capital corporate education strategy using Impact Investing Giving Circles


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Diverse Managers

The Colorado Health Foundation and Impact Finance Center Want More Investments With Diverse Asset Managers… But, We Need Your Help!

We will establish a membership organization that provides shared due diligence on emerging diverse asset managers. This model would facilitate greater investment into diverse managers with $10M – $500M Assets Under Management while reducing the friction for the asset owners and the fund managers.

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In 2019, Impact Finance Center (IFC) launched a national Corporate Financial Innovation and Impact Investing Strategy with a high-level goal to identify, educate, and activate more corporate impact investors to integrate full spectrum capital across departments. The first step was to present at three conferences (CO Impact Days, SOCAP, and Net Impact) where we tested the concept of this corporate strategy.

In 2020, we launched the full 2-day Executive Education Corporate Financial Innovation and Impact Investing course in multiple locations across the United States. These passionate community and corporate leaders brought their expertise and real-world examples of how full spectrum capital, impact investing, corporate innovation, and corporate philanthropy can help companies achieve their financial and impact goals simultaneously.

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