Custom Training: Board of Trustees

Impact Finance Center provides custom board training for foundations, family offices, and corporations.

Led by Dr. Stephanie Gripne in partnership with her Senior Advisor team. You can work with them to design a training that will meet the trustees where they are at and provide a pathway for clear next steps.

I’ve been in the field of aligning money with values and business, since the early 80’s. I wrote a book about it and do many interviews and talks on the topic. Watching Stephanie map an overview of the diverse strategies and creative possibilities for moving money towards positive impact, was by far the best, most action-packed, cogent, eye-opening presentation and overview of the field that I have ever experienced. Talk to Stephanie. Book her to speak to your group. Encourage her to write a book, do video training, or clone herself. You will be doing a great service for the world. Her presentation of the comprehensive strategies available to influence and leverage capital for the betterment of communities and issues will give rich dividends. Put on your seatbelt!

Joel Solomon, Chair-Renewal Funds, Author-“The Clean Money Revolution”