IFC Impact Investing Fellowship

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About the Fellowship

Whether you are an individual or represent an organization in a role such as a trustee, program officer, development director, or a director of corporate social responsibility this custom impact investing fellowship will be designed around your needs, your schedules, and your learning objectives using a combination of one on one coaching, courses, and assignments designed for you to learn by doing to better understand all available opportunities that can empower you to do well by doing good, simultaneously increasing revenue, decreasing costs, improving brand, and reducing risk.

The fellowship will cover impact investing strategy, process, governance, and investment efficiency through a new framework for evaluating both philanthropy and investing. We offer 1-person fellowships with 8-10 sessions for $7,500 or 2-person fellowships for $10,000. The fellowship is semi-structured in that we will develop a custom learning solution for you. Please inquire with us if you would like to develop a custom training for your organization.

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Possible Course Topics

  • Impact Investing 101
  • Impact Investing Taxonomy
  • Investment Beliefs
  • Manager Diversity
  • Environmental, Social, Governance
  • Corporate Foundations
  • Program Related Investments
  • Paid Pilots
  • Corporate Impact Investing
  • Giving Circles
  • Private Benefit and Private Inurement
  • Internal, External, and Co-mingled Funds
  • Corporate Accelerators
  • Alternative Financing Structures
  • Interorganizational Strategy
  • Main Street Character Loans
  • Social Impact Bonds
  • Community Notes


Dr. Stephanie Gripne
IFC Senior Advisors

Fellowship Format

Participants will work directly in-person and have online meetings with Dr. Stephanie Gripne and Senior Advisors as well as take online and in-person Impact Investing Courses. During this intensive coursework, you will be introduced to Impact Commitments – low-cost, low-risk action steps that you can take along your own customized impact investing journey – and will leave well-equipped to share newly gained tools, knowledge and strategies with your organization.


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IFC Impact Investing Fellows will receive 20% discount on future courses.

Partial Scholarship

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