What problems keep you up at night?

Have you considered whether your investments undermine or support your values? IFC works alongside you to ensure that you have the right strategy and team in place to best represent your values. We teach you how to invest in social ventures and support communities by contributing to the impact investing movement. Sleep soundly, knowing that your money is working for good.

Discover Full Spectrum Capital

Open your mind to the spectrum of capital offerings. Our teachings focus on how to leverage the capital you steward to better support your community. Learn how to expand your giving beyond traditional donations and grants.

Support the Communities You Love

Align your money with your values. Explore tools that allow you to divest from Wall Street and invest in Main Street, exponentially expanding your impact while retaining a positive financial return.

Connect with Aligned Investors

Mark your calendar for our next Investor Club to meet investors like yourself. Our events engage communities of aligned investors that will encourage you throughout your impact investing journey.

Make a difference with the capital you steward.

We believe in abundance, not scarcity. There are enough resources to support everyone–but we need to restore the flow of capital.

Capital stewards must take initiative.

Communities are suffering. Rising wealth inequality drives a feeling of scarcity. The belief in a zero-sum game–that for some to win, others must lose–feeds an unhealthy “us versus them” mentality.

Together, we can shift this conversation from scarcity to abundance. There ARE enough resources for everyone to win if we are willing to invest in each other.

You are an investor. Join the movement to invest in Main Street.

Explore Public System Solutions


We offer individual, non-conflicted investor education for capital stewards to learn about full spectrum capital, innovative finance, and impact investing. We customize each fellow’s curriculum to solve several of their challenges across governance, philanthropy, direct investing, and public investments.

Investor Clubs

IFC hosts small marketplaces where we convene impact investors and social ventures around communities. These marketplaces provide opportunities for aligned investors to discover investment opportunities and network with like-minded impact investors.

Investment Beliefs and Values Statements

We walk capital stewards through the process of codifying their investment beliefs and value statements. Through a series of questionnaires, analyses, and discussions, this process is fundamental for capital stewards to align their money with their values.

Get Started Today

Key Steps to Success

Step 1

Commit to aligning your money with your values.

Step 2

Attend an Investor Club and connect with an aligned investor.

Step 3

Schedule a consultation to learn more about our fellowship program.

Step 4

Align your money with your values.

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