Leveraging Private Investment to Unlock Public Infrastructure, Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), and Justice40 Investments

Federal, state, and local governments are increasingly seeking ways for communities to raise private funding matches, and are reaching out to Impact Finance Center to architect that solution. We are actively building investor communities and marketplaces to unlock full spectrum investments to provide that public investor match.

Our Main Street 2.0 solution strives to support communities raising full spectrum capital via donations, community notes, investor cooperatives, and guarantees.

Discover Full Spectrum Capital

Open your mind to achieving better financial returns by discovering full spectrum capital. When you take a -100% financial return investments (e.g. any expenditure, grant, or donation) and then combine those resources internally for an integrated capital investment, you can achieve the same–if not better!– financial returns, risk, and liquidity.

Invest in Main Street

Merging Wall Street with Main Street yields what we term ‘Main Street 2.0’. IFC is building the financial infrastructure to make investing in Main Street easy by encouraging communities to use community notes, investment cooperatives, and guarantee revolving loan funds.

Find the match for federal dollars

Partner with us to scale the impact investing sector and make it easier to find private matches for your federal dollars. IFC needs more resources to identify, educate and activate impact investors at scale.

Federal Dollars NEED a Private Match

Governmental organizations have dollars to invest in communities. However, before such dollars can be deployed, regulations insist that public grants must find a private dollar match.

Without a private dollar match, millions of government dollars sit idle. Public money deserves to be put to work for the public good! Together, we can create this match by building the impact investing sector.

We do this by identifying, educating, and activating impact investors. After we identify investors who can increase private matches, IFC provides avenues for money to easily flow from the investor to the social venture.

We must begin building impact investor and infrastructure capacity in order to increase deal flow, discover private matches, and ultimately get money out into the community.

Explore Public System Solutions

Main Street 2.0 Financial Products

We envision a world where investing in Main Street is as easy as investing in Wall Street. We are currently testing the feasibility of a community note, guarantee, and investment cooperative. Investors would invest in these financial products that would provide the full spectrum capital to intermediaries that social ventures would approach for investments. Building this infrastructure will streamline the flow of capital from investors to social ventures.

Investor Clubs

What if there was a marketplace–such as Pikes’ Place Marketplace or a local Farmer’s Market–that encouraged investors to meet social ventures? IFC builds such marketplaces! Whether a statewide marketplace (CO Impact Days) or a smaller marketplace (Investor Club), we connect aligned investors with impactful social ventures.
These events connect capital stewards with community stewards with one goal: to move money toward good.

Advisory Services

IFC develops investment strategies for federal, state, and local governments to deploy resources strategically for impact.

Who’s Who in Impact Investing

We organize communities by building regional phone books. We partner with media organizations to publish impact investing directories focused on any area of interest, place or identity. This mapping tool identifies leaders in the impact investing space and builds community around the chosen focus area. See Rocky Mountain Who’s Who in Impact Investing.

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Key Steps to Success

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Connect with us.

Step 2

Sponsor an Investor Club or Who’s Who in Financial Innovation & Impact Investing.

Step 3

Support Main Street 2.0 financial product.

Step 4

Discover private matches for governmental dollars.

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