Achieve your financial objectives and align all of your resources with mission. Family Offices that make integrated, full spectrum capital investments can do both.

Impact Finance Center enables family offices to pursue mission-aligned financial growth. We teach classes, implement tools, present case studies, and facilitate connections to accelerate your impact investing journey.

Discover Full Spectrum Capital

Open your mind to the entire spectrum of capital offerings. We teach how to listen to your community partners and deliver the resources that they ask for, from grants (-100% financial return) to Mission Related Investments and everything in between.

Drive Money Towards Good

Reduce investment fees, improve investment performance, and realign investments to support your values by ensuring your investment advisor is providing the services and reporting you need.

Offer Your Grantees and Social Ventures More

Expand resources to your grantees by searching for potential impact investments in your current philanthropic portfolio. Explore the financial tools to refinance loans, improve asset efficiency, launch social ventures and support pay-as-you-save programs.

Make Your Portfolio 100% Mission-Aligned.

What is holding you back? We can do more.

Communities are suffering. Your family office is a key piece of the puzzle.
Because family offices are agile and innovative by design, they are positioned to lead the way for integrated full spectrum capital investments.

Traditionally, family offices invest in Wall Street, growing their corpus to support their continuous grantmaking cycle. Communities need more. We offer the tools to move your money from Wall Street to Main Street, putting all of your resources to work in the communities you know and love.

Communities know what they need, it is capital stewards’ job to meet these needs. Together, we can align 100% of your money with your mission.

Explore Innovative Philanthropy

Philanthropic Opportunity Scan

What if you give more resources to the nonprofits you already support? A Philanthropic Opportunity Scan will help you identify 3-5 impact investments for every 10 grantees within your philanthropic portfolio to surface potential impact investing opportunities. Through a combination of education, technical assistance and survey implementation, your team will have the opportunity to explore the needs of your grantees beyond grantmaking. This is an easy way for any family office to begin their impact investing journey.

Learning Circles

We teach program staff, financial officers and leadership about full spectrum capital, financial innovation and impact investing to solve the inefficiencies of philanthropy. Together, teams apply these concepts to their own organization’s goals, innovatively taking steps to align their portfolio with their mission.

Advisory Services

We provide consulting services to foundations on their journey to develop their impact investing strategy. We work closely with your designated core team to meet the unique goals of each organization. We tailor our services to exactly meet your foundation’s needs.

Investor Clubs

We host Investor Clubs, virtually and in-person, to connect investors to investments. Sponsor an Investor Club that matches your organization’s focus in terms of interest, place and identity to connect with other investors and social ventures that align with your goals.

Get Started Today

Key Steps to Your Success

Step 1

Assemble your team. Impact investing journeys are most successful in communities that hold each other accountable. Define a team of people who are committed to the same mission and discuss what impact investing means to you.

Step 2

Connect with us.

Step 3

Learn about full spectrum capital, financial innovation and impact investing through a series of courses with your internal team. Determine what tools you want to explore further.

Step 4

Execute an array of tools that brings you closer to your impact investing goals whether it is evaluating your investment advisor, deploying a Philanthropic Opportunity Scan or sponsoring an Investor Club.

Step 5

Lead by example by aligning your money with your mission, always putting communities’ needs first.

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