Using Financial Innovation to Meet ESG Goals

Increasing regulation, shareholder activism, and customer demand are forcing corporations to set bolder environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. IFC enables corporations to do well by doing good through the deployment of full spectrum capital, financial innovation, and impact investing.

Discover Full Spectrum Capital

Open your mind to the spectrum of capital offerings. Encompassing philanthropy and market-rate investments, we teach capital solutions from -100% financial return to market rate financial returns.

Achieve Climate Goals Faster and More Effectively

Learn how to use financial innovation and impact investing to map sources and uses of capital, both within and outside the organization, to minimize or mitigate your carbon footprint.

Attract and Retain a Diverse Workforce

Build an understanding of the financial products you can deploy to attract and retain a diverse workforce by refinancing debt, increasing wages, and providing wealth-building opportunities via asset ownership.

Change Starts with You

Corporations are uniquely positioned to tackle the challenges that we can no longer ignore.

Whether it is outlined in your company’s goals or you personally want to effect change, it is time to take action.

You have resources to deploy. We have tools to deploy them. Working together, we can create innovative solutions to tackle the problems you have set out to solve.

Retaining a diverse workforce, fighting for climate change, or supporting suppliers’ sustainability efforts, your journey starts now.

Explore Corporate Financial Innovation

Corporate Climate Equity Cohort

We convene industry leaders to learn about full spectrum capital, financial innovation, and impact investing through a series of courses. Together, cohort participants develop innovative solutions to their problems.

Advisory Services

We teach corporate teams about full spectrum capital, financial innovation, and impact investing through custom courses. Teams work across departments using their new-found knowledge to combine resources and solve common objectives.

Impact Investing Institute

We produce virtual courses that match your schedule. Learn about full spectrum capital, financial innovation, and impact investing, and how to apply these concepts.

Get Started Today


Brainstorm the problems your corporation wants to help solve.
How do you want to lead your industry?
What initiatives do you want to be known for?
What lasting impact does your company want to lead?
What type of change do you want to be in our world?

Step 2 – EDUCATE

Connect with us to learn about full spectrum capital, innovative finance, and impact investing through a series of tailored courses.


Apply your new-found tools, skills, and mindset. Be excited to see your company’s mission realized.

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