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Apr 23th, 2020 Agenda

Dear IFC Team, Fellows, Advisors, and Friends,

In light of the changing times, we have decided to reinstitute our monthly calls. IFC is in a strong position going into the pandemic both with the strongest balance sheet we have had ever and a strategy that works with the pandemic. The purpose of the calls is threefold:

1) Ensure that all of you have what you need during these times
2) Update you about IFC’s Strategy and progress toward that strategy and available volunteer and paid work
3) Virtual happy hour

You can visit our IFC Strategy 2020 at and you can read about IFC COVID-19 Response here and below, and Institute Q&A here and 

Part of our strategy involves several different efforts that we need help to move forward. We’re looking for volunteers now and seeking funding that will allow us to move volunteers to paid positions, if desired.

Please check out the survey linked here ( and let us know if you have time and interest in any of the opportunities, and/or if you know anyone else we should reach out to.
Sending you all love and light!

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Dear IFC Team, Fellows, Senior Fellows, Advisors, and Friends,

We hope you are safe and sound. We have invited all of you to our IFC Monthly Update and Happy Hour April 23 at 4:30 pm MT. We will record the first 30 min presentation, so please let us know if you cannot join us and want a link to the recorded presentation. We will be sending you a survey soon to help us understand how you want to engage with IFC during 2020. We just updated our IFC 2020 Strategy that we plan to share with you on April 23, which is wildly similar to our original IFC 2020 Strategy with the exception of the COVID-19 Response below. We do plan to hire as many people as we can during the pandemic. Also, if you want to set up a Main Street Bucket Brigade for Philly, Georgia, Natural Foods, Women & People of Color – essentially any Community Interest, Place, or Identity, please let us know and we will get it set up.

Urgent $6.5M 1% CARES Act Payment Protection Program Investment Needed

Colorado Lending Source needs an emergency $6.5M 1% CARES Act Payment Protection Program Investment. A $300K grant at -100% financial return + $6.2M at 6% financial return endowment investment would result in a $6.5M investment at 1% with 100% guarantee from the federal government. The Colorado Lending Source could lend out via the CARES Act Payment Protection Program.

Impact Finance Center COVID-19 Response

Keeping small businesses and nonprofits alive during the pandemic may be the difference between a global recession versus depression. Because the CARES Act is too slow and does not adequately provide a safety net to keep many U.S. small businesses and nonprofits open during the pandemic, Impact Finance Center has been prototyping the Main Street Bucket Brigade and Enterprise Full Spectrum Capital Investment


Half of Americans are employed by small businesses and the average number of days of cash a women of color small business has to survive is six. The average number of days of cash a restaurant has to survive is 18. The average number of days of cash a small business has survive is 27. The cost of keeping a small business or nonprofit alive is a fraction of what it would cost to restart the small business or nonprofit.

Using Colorado as an example, if we provided 75% of the 630,113 small businesses with $25,000 0% loan, we would need $11.8B of investment.  This investment does not include investing in nonprofits. The CARES Act PPP + $2.3B CO State Investment + $7.8M Colorado Coronavirus Relief Fund is a fraction of the resources the State of Colorado will need to ensure small businesses and nonprofits will survive over the several months while we are improving testing, improving treatments, and developing a vaccine for us to go back to business as usual.

Hence, in order to save our economy, we need to quickly mobilize private sector investment from individuals, foundation endowments, family offices, companies, life insurance companies, and pension funds to coinvest with the CARES Act + COVID-19 philanthropic resources.


There is good news. During the last downturn, investing in Main Street via Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) was the highest performing investment of all asset classes for five years. Hence, the right investment to make is the best investment to make.

Impact Finance Center has been prototyping the Main Street Bucket Brigade and Enterprise Full Spectrum Capital Investment.  Main Street Bucket Brigade is self-help infrastructure. We are dedicated to keeping Main Street social ventures – projects, nonprofits, small businesses, startups, cooperatives, and funds alive during the pandemic. If you are a Main Street social venture, you are invited to pre-sell your goods or services, request donations, or request Main Street loans.

1) Let’s say you represent a small business such as Mugs Coffee Lounge, startup such as Community Funded, or nonprofit such as Impact Investing Institute, an Impact Finance Center social enterprise. Each business or nonprofit can submit an application to list their venture on the Main Street Bucket Brigade. Let’s use Mugs Coffee Lounge as the example. Once approved, Mugs Coffee Lounge will be able to create a campaign on the Main Street Bucket Brigade site and invite anyone to do three things: 1) purchase gift cards 2) donate to Mugs Coffee Lounge, or 3) lend money to the Mugs Coffee Lounge through Main Street Loan Program (they will have to leave the site to do it) via a CDFI or Main Street Lender partner such as Colorado Lending Source. Mugs Coffee Lounge owners, staff, clients, and friends will be able to donors and lender to their Main Street Bucket Brigade campaign to support Mugs Coffee Lounge as well as other social ventures. On