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We are too! Currently, we are looking for more funding to keep the Impact Real Estate club going. If you want to sponsor this event to bring more capital to Impact Real Estate, you can see our sponsorship packages with the link below.

How do we drive more investment capital to social ventures: the projects, nonprofits, small businesses, cooperatives, startups, funds, working in impact real estate?

With the support of Small Change, Impact Finance Center is working to build the infrastructure to achieve this goal. The infrastructure includes Investor Accelerators (Impact Investing Giving Circles) and Investor Clubs that act as a marketplace to directly connect investors with the projects they care about.

If you are interested in participating in this effort and staying informed as it develops, whether you are an investor, philanthropist, entrepreneur, or otherwise interested in the sector, please fill out this survey.

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Impact Finance Center is working to catalyze unprecedented investment into Main Street by creating the infrastructure for a National Impact Investing Marketplace.

Direct investing marketplaces like our Investor Clubs are a critical part of that infrastructure.

Your support will help make it all possible!

Please note that IFC is not an investment advisor or broker – our investor clubs are for educational and networking purposes for investors to learn more about impact investing and what direct investing opportunities may be available in their areas of interest, identity, and place. IFC makes no investment recommendations or endorsements of investment opportunities or products. Consult your financial, legal, and/or tax professionals for how a particular investment may fit with your goals.