Leah Fischer

Director of Innovation and Partnerships

[email protected]
Denver, CO

Leah Fischer is the Director of Innovation and Partnerships for Impact Finance Center focused on strategic programs, curriculum development, and operations. She started the IFC Fellowship program in 2021 and joined Impact Finance Center to continue her learning and catalyze learning for others. Leah brings over 20 years of experience in consulting, business, and marketing roles in non-profit and for-profit organizations, B2B and B2C environments, and small entrepreneurial start-ups to global enterprise technology companies. She is passionate about helping organizations and business leaders turn good intentions into measurable impact for their company, customers, and communities. Leah believes in extending education to open minds, spur innovation and provide a broader depth of tools to enable people to solve the world’s most pressing problems. She is particularly interested in enabling corporate capital stewards to move more capital into mission aligned efforts for global and community good. An avid athlete, aspiring artist, and lover of the outdoors, she spends most of her free time with her family enjoying her community and the mountains in beautiful Colorado.