Corporate Climate Equity Cohort

Climate change disproportionately affects low-income communities. Not only are these communities more likely to encounter a climate disaster, but they are also the least prepared to cope with and recover from such a disaster. Thus, low-income communities deserve a disproportionate amount of support to fight climate change.

Thankfully, many corporations are taking steps to provide support for climate equity. However, these initiatives are no small task. Corporate CSR departments are finding themselves faced with social issues costing $100M+ with budgets half the size. Thus, Impact Finance Center is partnering with Greenbiz to explore how to leverage resources, solve problems, and protect the world’s most vulnerable populations from the impacts of climate change.

The inaugural Corporate Climate Equity Cohort is scheduled to launch this fall. Five to ten industry leaders from corporations across the United States will learn about full spectrum capital, impact investing and financial innovation. These companies will work together to workshop solutions to the climate equity challenges their corporations want to solve.

If you want to brainstorm ways to maximize your resources to address priority social issues with other corporate investors, perhaps the Corporate Climate Equity Cohort is for you. Join us as part of the next cohort as we continue to address climate change and its threat to low-income and disadvantaged populations.

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