Crowdfunding Success for Sustainable Forestry

This month, the world’s tallest Mass Timber luxury apartment tower in Milwaukee–Ascent–became Realty Mogul’s first “green” commercial real estate investment opportunity.

Chris Fraley, the Chief Investment Officer at RealtyMogul, presented this idea at one of our Sustainable Forestry Investor Clubs nearly two years ago. Ever since, he has been advocating for the real estate crowdfunding platform to take on more “green” projects–not an easy lift in an industry that typically demands big-money investors expecting large returns.

But after two years, RealtyMogul found its perfect project: developers of Ascent approached RealtyMogul with the goal of raising $5 million in new investment. Investors had the option to buy in with a minimum commitment of $35,000, a relatively low threshold for a 25-story, $128.2 million building. During the initial round of fundraising, Ascent’s team required investors pledge at least $250,000 to participate

As part of an ongoing effort to stifle climate change and find renewable alternatives, this achievement will create demand for mass timber and CLT buildings–a massive win for sustainable forestry and the environment.

The success Ascent thanks to RealtyMogul is a testament to the impact investing movement our nonprofit is building.

To join the movement and learn about current investing opportunities to fight climate change and support the environment, attend our upcoming Sustainable Forestry Investor Club.

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