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We are too! Currently, we are looking for more funding to keep the Nonprofit club going. If you want to sponsor this event to bring more capital to Nonprofits doing good around the globe, you can see our sponsorship packages with the link below.

How do we drive more investment capital to nonprofits?

In partnership with TechSoup, Impact Finance Center is hosting the Nonprofit Investor Club.

While the nonprofit sector has long relied on philanthropy as its primary source of funding, increasingly nonprofits, as well as impact investors, are unlocking the benefits of directing investment capital into nonprofit organizations. Impact Finance Center, in partnership with TechSoup, is working to build the infrastructure to get more investment capital flowing to the nonprofit sector. We have created the Nonprofit Investor Club to act as a marketplace to directly connect investors with the projects they care about.

Nonprofit organizations need patient flexible capital to invest in building their capacity. It can be hard to find this type of capital from grant funding alone, which is often restricted for certain programs. When appropriately structured, investments into nonprofits can bring benefits both the nonprofit organization as well as for funders and investors. Nonprofits with earned revenue streams can take on debt to invest in growth, paying back investors over time with a modest interest rate. For funders, the return of capital plus a small amount of interest has the potential to be more impactful than a grant because the money can be reinvested or granted out at the end of the loan term.

Join the Nonprofit Investor Club to learn how you can invest in the nonprofit organizations that are working to solve society’s most pressing problems. In this presentation, nonprofit impact investors will share their stories, we will dive deep into innovative nonprofit investment models with TechSoup and other social ventures, and finish by hearing some quick pitches from other nonprofit organizations. You will have the opportunity to ask questions from leaders in the field, as well as gain access to live deals so that you can begin activating capital right away.

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Impact Finance Center is working to catalyze unprecedented investment into Main Street by creating the infrastructure for a National Impact Investing Marketplace.

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Please note that IFC is not an investment advisor or broker – our investor clubs are for educational and networking purposes for investors to learn more about impact investing and what direct investing opportunities may be available in their areas of interest, identity, and place. IFC makes no investment recommendations or endorsements of investment opportunities or products. Consult your financial, legal, and/or tax professionals for how a particular investment may fit with your goals.