This is what impact investing is—and why Fort Wayne should be talking about it

Excerpt from Input Fort Wayne:

As a society, we’ve been conditioned to think about our money in two buckets: The money we give away as philanthropy to do good, and the money we invest to earn a profit.

But what we forget is that the money we’re giving away has a negative 100 percent financial return, yet we’re expecting it to carry the heavy burden of our social impact projects, Gripne explains. Meanwhile, the money we’re investing to make a profit is often being funneled into companies that don’t necessarily strengthen our communities or align with our values.

Impact investing is what happens when we pause and take a step back from traditional funding models, and ask: Is there a better way to achieve our goals?

It’s thinking creatively and strategically about investments to stretch them to go further and to create win-win-win scenarios that allow investors, beneficiaries, and communities to rise together.

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